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If you are a music lover with an interest in the technology and methods used in the recording and production of music and sound, the Audio Engineering program is for you!

This program will provide familiarity with cutting-edge equipment, terminology and methods used in the industry today, preparing you for a studio internship or for acceptance into leading music recording college programs. Field trips to local recording studios and guest speakers will give you a first-hand look at the industry.

In our professional studio setting, equipped with the same “trueto-life” technology that any high-end, professional recording studio would have, you will work on many exciting hands-on projects as you learn about the physics of sound and acoustics. In addition to learning the processes of tracking, over dubbing, mixing in multi-track recording, mastering, and CD/DVD/tape replication, you will closely study the components of the mixing console, amplifier, speakers, tape machines, channel strips, master sections, and digital workstations.

You will demonstrate various microphone types and setups for different musical styles and utilize recording techniques including musical equalization, compression, and limiting during recording sessions. In the post-production portion of the program, you will explore audio-for-video applications like sound design and scoring for film, DVD, and TV.

While this program will prepare you for employment or further education in this exciting and rewarding field, the recording industry is extremely competitive. Students must be very hardworking, self-motivated, and have an ambitious work ethic in order to succeed in this program or a career in the industry.

Skills Learned

  • Digital Audio Editing
  • Audio Mixing
  • CD Production/Duplication
  • Microphone Setup
  • Pro Tools Software
  • And Much More!

Daily Activities

  • Recording Radio Spots
  • Recording Songs
  • Exploring Digital Recording Console
  • Scoring and Sound for Film


  • Music Mixing & Audio Engineering
  • Music Mastering & CD Replication
  • Digital Music Production & Editing
  • Motion Picture Sound Design & Mixing
  • Live Audio Engineering & Mixing


  • Middle Tennessee State University
  • The Art Institute of Atlanta
  • Berkeley College of Music
  • Full Sail Music Recording School

Mr. Corey Crockett


Mr. Corey Crockett is the Audio Engineering Instructor at Grayson Tech. Still working in the professional audio industry and currently serving in Atlanta’s Chapter of the Audio Engineering Society Committee, Mr. Crockett has worked in several recording studios in Nashville and in Atlanta as an audio engineer, sound designer, & producer.  Mr. Crockett earned a Master of Science degree in Education Media Design and Technology from Full Sail University and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Recording Industry Technology & Production from Middle Tennessee State University.